Month: January 2020

Small Loans Interest and Comparison

A small loan is usually an ordinary loan, but only a small loan amount is taken out. In most cases, amounts from a few hundred euros to a few thousand euros are given as loans . This type of credit can also meet short-term shortages or long-awaited wishes for one person. Small loans are easier Read More

Car purchase loans on the rise: the 4 wheels are not given up

It is said that among the priorities of the Italians there is health first, followed by the family and the first house, but in fourth place there should be the car, one of the assets that you can not do without. This is confirmed by the data on registrations from last year: 2016 ended with Read More

Installment and Credit Calculator

Today we can compare many products but also services. There is a comparison of insurance, energy suppliers or loans. Thanks to a number of websites we can compare the offers of all banking and non-banking companies. Usually you just need to choose parameters such as amount and maturity. In a short while you will see Read More