Month: December 2019

When is a car loan refused and why? We clarify

Why a car loan is declined and what you can do then The trusted car dealer has been found, the vehicle of your choice is immediately available, the purchase contract may already be ready for signature – and the car loan applied for at the bank is rejected. How could that happen? When is a Read More

How many loans can you have simultaneously?

If you have one or more loans in progress and you need to obtain additional liquidity, before applying for another loan it is important and necessary to make the right assessments in order to avoid over-indebtedness. Nowadays, in fact, it is normal to have more than one financing in progress : together with the classic Read More

Broken washing machine? It will be paid by an online loan

A broken household appliance cannot work for too long. If there is no money left in your financial budget, you will simply have to take out a loan. Do not worry about it, applying for a loan today is quite simple and you do not have to be ashamed of it at all. Indeed, you Read More

Get Low Interest Loan

Loans can sometimes be quite expensive – of course, this depends above all on the amount of interest, but also on the ancillary loan costs, which is why it always makes sense not to focus on the nominal interest rate but on the effective interest rate of the loans when comparing loans To consider. Unfortunately, Read More